I received a call from (646) 480-0797 with a recorded message saying I had been approved for $3000 and needed to return a call to Mike. I called and spoke with a guy with an Indian accent who identified himself as Mike.

I really wasn't able to speak at the time and said that I would call back. Bottom line three phones calls later and the same request that others have experience was requested. I would need to send $180 through MoneyGram before the $3000 would be deposited into my bank within a couple of hours. The last call sounded like he was on a cell phone outside somewhere.

I asked for a company address and was given a bunch of *** and was not able to verify the company info. anywhere. Thank you for posting to this site.

Don't give into desperation, trust your gut and have faith that God will put obstacles in your way to save you from something more disastrous! I'm still in need of $3000 but God will truly provide when needed.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "apparent scam" of consumer payday loans application. Consumer Payday Loans needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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This company just took me for everything I had. They have since disconnected their number and I am out a lot of money.

This is a scam.

I have contacted the people involved and many investigations have been started. They even took 250.00 from my mother so this just became personal


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Perfect service. I've got my money in the same day, and they're really help me


Thank you for saving me the $180.00 and heartache later!!! Because I was just about ready to do exactly what you just said!


For the love of God, if you or yours are dealing with a pay day loan outfit of any kind STEP BACK, take a breath. There is not a loan or credit card in this country that should charge 9.99% or more.

Wake up, this is the liberal left insuring you'll be dependent on the government forever.

They FED couldn't even raise the prime rate .25% for fear the Wall Street folks may not donate to the Democrats. We voted this bunch of fools to the White House, so live with it.

to Anonymous #1101094

You're an ***..it's democrats (liberal left) who has tried to shut these people down..but get no help from Republicans. How can you be so ***?


thank you for your comment, i just got the same info 180.00 for 3000.00. i was about to go to money graham to send money but wanted to see if this was a legit company.

although i asked how do i log in to their site, mike said i wasn't a customer yet & didn't have an acct.

so where is my loan application? thanks again for you comment---dana

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